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Supply Chain

  • Document development and review from inception to post-award, including policies and procedures, RFPs, RFQs, RFI, RFSQ, SOW, Competitive Dialogue and RFP responses

  • Guidance on supplier and contract management

  • Provide advice on the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive, trade agreements, conflict of interest, debriefings, bid protest and evaluation process

  • Navigate and provide advice on shared service arrangements and group purchasing

  • Fairness advisory services

  • Provide advice on and develop innovative procurement strategies

  • Procurement negotiations

  • Provide advice on procurement related privacy issues (PHIPA and FIPPA)

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Technology Law

  • Varied services with the following types of arrangements  

    • licensing

    • development agreements

    • hardware purchase and leasing agreements including robotic technology

    • maintenance and support

    • consulting and professional services

    • network service agreements

    • cloud computing and alternative service agreements

    • IT outsourcing transactions

  • Establish user policies, website terms and conditions

  • Provide cyber liability guidance

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Commercial Law

  • Corporate governance services

  • Draft by-law amendments

  • Contract management

  • Establish strategic alliances and joint ventures

  • Draft, oversee and negotiate sale and asset transactions

  • Develop contract templates and multiple party agreements (hospitals, community agencies, stakeholders)

  • Prepare and negotiate letters of intent

  • Undertake and present executive briefings

  • Development of quality assurance processes for clients

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Health Law

  • Contracts such as transfer payment, network, collaboration and program agreements, affiliation agreements and memorandum of understanding

  • Legislative and regulatory opinions

  • Integration of programs and provider organizations

  • Medical devices

  • Mobile health applications

  • Development and of policies and procedures

  • Risk management

  • All service categories applied to health-related matters

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  • Courses and webinars are provided across Canada both publicly and privately. Some of the most sought after courses are:

  • Service Contracting and Outsourcing

  • Contract Management Strategies for Success

  • Information Technology Procurement and Contracting

  • Capital Equipment Procurement and Contracting

  • Drafting a Statement of Work

  • Service Contracting II

  • Information Technology Contracting and Licensing II

  • Innovation Procurement - Competitive Dialogue

  • Complete descriptions of all courses are available upon request

  • Customized training is available

  • Reviewing educational sessions for organizations

  • The format for the courses is interactive, including targeted discussions, case studies, supporting material and exercises on topics covered during each course. The courses incorporate practical learning based on our firm’s experience and provide participants with valuable take-away strategies.

  • All courses are

    • led by the developer of the course material, Debby Shapero Propp

    • delivered in-person or on-line using the full functionality of on-line tools

    • tailored to each organization and participants experience levels

    • designed incorporating best practices and effective, take-away strategies

    • the subject of on-going curriculum development to keep participants current

    • developed addressing specific jurisdictional requirements

    • customized if required

  • References are available upon request.

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